Making flue safety, simple

We all know that when it comes to doing boiler installs, finding a place to safely cut your flue can be difficult. At best, finding somewhere to cut your flue can cause inconvenience to your customers and it can make you look unprofessional but more importantly, it can make it incredibly difficult to achieve a straight and smooth cut.

​In many ways, the best outcome of a poor cut is the time it will take you and the £50.00 it will cost you to pop to the merchants and get a new one.

The more alarming reality is that poorly cut flues lead to poorly sealed flue pipes. Poor seals can be caused immediately or can become loose or punctured over time. This in turn will allow unwanted and harmful gases to escape, can skew the typical indicators of safety and compromise the safety of homes and the individuals in them.

​Using the Flueshoe ensures a straight, smooth and safe cut, every time and it now comes with the tick customers can trust.

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Poorly cut flues lead to poorly sealed flue pipes that allow harmful gases to escape and compromise the safety of homes and the individuals in them.

Cut cleanly and safely every time with the Flueshoe.

The Flueshoe is a fantastic bit of kit! It makes cutting flues so much easier and neater. The flue trimmers stop you from cutting the inner POC too short, which makes the job safer and quicker.


A time saving quality product that adds a touch of professionalism to that sometimes awkward part of the install.


The Flueshoe is a great tool to easily cut flues accurately to length


You wouldn’t go to work without your shoes on, now I won’t cut a flue without my Flueshoe! It’s a great product, holds the flue nice and steady making cutting it that much easier.


An absolute must for every boiler installer, simple to use, and the results are consistently perfect


A great addition to any engineer’s toolkit, no more struggling trying to hold the flue and cutting the pipe at the same time.


Now, thanks to the Flueshoe, cutting a flue safely and correctly to the measured length required has never been easier. The straight cut achieved in this device helps the engineer achieve a great degree of accurate flue connections, ensuring the POCs that are being expelled from the appliance are discharged securely to the outside atmosphere.


Light and compact, so easy to use and store. The Flueshoe helps to make a good clean cut every time. I wouldn’t be without it now.



The Tick Of Trust

Earn the Flueshoe Tick of Trust and then display it proudly on your van, business cards, website and other marketing materials.

Show off your use of Flueshoe to your customers and demonstrate your professionalism and safety standards.

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