Flueshoe Safety Bundle


Buy the Flueshoe and the Flueshoe De-burring Tool together to ensure simplicity, safety and professionalism during boiler installations and repairs.

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The Flueshoe promotes safe and professional flue cutting and ensures straight, smooth and convenient flue cutting for gas safe engineers.

The Flueshoe trimmer discs are designed to cut most common domestic flues that require an inner flue cut of 10mm or 20mm. If a Manufacturer requires the same length of inner and outer flue cut this can also be achieved. All component parts of the Flueshoe are available as spares.

Our products are manufactured to the highest standards using quality materials so Flueshoe comes with a 12-month warranty from date of purchase.


Glass filled Nylon. Chromed Steel Handle.

De-burring Tool

The Flueshoe De-burring Tool will clean and chamfer the inner and outer flues simultaneously prior to installation into a flue joint. Using this with the FlueShoe cutting tool ensures professionalism and safety for all boiler installations.